Tournament Calendar 2014-2015

(9/15/14 revision) Download Schedule as Word Doc (9/15/14 revision)

Tournament Name            Dates                                     Location

Summer Camp                    July 28-Aug.1, 2014       Long Beach

Bellingham Camp               Aug. 9-16, 2014               WWU


Coaches Conference         September 5-7  2014                       Rancho Las Palmas

Seminar                                 September 13 2014                         OCC

San Diego Seminar            September 14, 2014                        Grossmont

Early Bird                              September 19 2014                         Fullerton

Warm Up                               September 26-27 2014                   El Camino


Aztec Invitational                Oct. 4—5, 2014                                  SDSU

FREE NPDA Tourn.            Oct. 10, 2014                                      IVC

FEE IE Tournament              Oct. 11, 2014                                      Cal Baptist

Concordia (IE Only)            October 12, 2014                              Concordia University

FREE For Me IDT                     Oct. 24, 2014                                      IVC

Watson Lancer                       October 25-26 2014                         Pasadena

Halloween Express                October 31 2014                               Fullerton


Robert Barbera Invit.                   November 7-9 2014                        Northridge

Rio Hondo Intermural     November 7, 2014                           Rio Hondo

Ray Dahlin Invitational    November 14, 2014                         Grossmont

Blumer Invitational           November 15, 2014                         CSUF

Griffin                                      November 15-16, 2014                  Grossmont

UOP Paul Winters Invit.  November 1-2                                   UOP


Fall Champs                          December 5-7                                   MT SAC


Hell Froze Over                    January 10-11, 2015                         Peoria, IL

Close to the Coast                January 17-18 2015                          Orange Coast

49niner invite                                                                                                    Long Beach


Round Robin                       February 6                                          Pt Loma

Sunset Cliffs                         February 7-8                                      Pt Loma

Golden Cowboy                 February 7-8 2015                            Glendale CA/CSU-LA

Tabor-Venitsky                    February 13-15 2015                       Cerritos

Spring Champs                    February 20-22                                  Moorpark

IE Districts                             February 27-March 1                      CSUN


Express debate                      March 6 2015                                     Fullerton

Pi Kappa Delta                       March 4-8, 2015                                                   Ohio University

International (IFA)            March 9-10. 2015                              Barcelona, Spain

State                                          March 11-15                                       Woodland Hills

Novice Nationals                 March                                                   Butler University

NPDA                                           March 14-17                                       Kansas City Kansas Community College

Christian Nationals                          March 20-22                                       Colorado Christian University

National Parli Tournament           March 20-22                                       William Jewell College

Cal Poly SLO BP Tournament           March 21-22                                 Cal Poly SLO

International Parli                            March 25-29                                       Boise State University



National Debate Tournament     April 2-6                                               University of Iowa

AFA-NIET                                             April 3-6                                               Lewis & Clark College

Phi Ro Pi                                               April 6-11 2015                                   Cleveland

BP Nationals                                       April 10-13, 2015                               Alaska

NFA                                                                                                                       Ohio University

Cool Off                                               April 25-26 2015                                Saddleback

Interstate Oratory                           April 24-26, 2015                               Barry College, GA


Blumer Intermural                           May

ARTA                                                     May 2-3 2015                                     Mt SAC


NCFA Schedule | COFO Schedule

General rules about tournament dates — subject to change as noted above:

ADA – 2nd weekend of March
CEDA – 3rd weekend of March
DSR-TKA – 3rd weekend of March
NDT – Last full weekend in March (not on Easter) or 1st weekend in April
NFA – 3rd weekend of April
NIET – First weekend in April (Friday-Monday); if the 1st is on Saturday, then it is that weekend
PRP – 2nd full week in April (Monday-Saturday)
PKD – 2nd or 3rd week in March (odd years only)
NFL – 3rd week in June
Interstate Oratory – Last weekend in April
NEDA – Last weekend in March
Novice Nationals – 2nd or 3rd weekend in March (Friday-Sunday) (should not conflict with NPDA or NCCFI)
NPDA – Last weekend in March
NCCFI – 2nd weekend in March (should not conflict with Novice Nationals)
Forensic Honorary – 1st or 2nd weekend in March (not during PKD years)
NPTE – Normally 1-2 weeks before NPDA Nationals.
ARTa – 1st weekend in May